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About ekosgen

ekosgen was established in 2002, and is now one of the UK's leading independent companies providing economic and social research, analysis and consultancy advice. Since being acquired by the Growth Company Group in March 2021, ekosgen has continued to grow its team and presence across the UK, including through the opening of a new London office to supplement its bases in Manchester and Glasgow.

“To make our contribution to an inclusive and prosperous society through the provision of outstanding advice, guidance and support to those involved in delivering economic and social regeneration.”

ekosgen's Mission Statement

Our team’s core service offer to clients includes:

  • Preparing business cases and the appraisal of schemes seeking public funding support.

  • Developing socio-economic evidence bases to understand how areas, sectors and communities function and make recommendations to improve their future.

  • Establishing evidence-based strategies and action plans that are specific to the places and/or sectors they are designed to serve.

  • Evaluating projects and programmes from both a process and impact perspective.

  • Assessing the social and economic impacts both forecast to be generated by interventions and realised in practice.

  • Preparing planning evidence bases and application deliverables to support developments to progress through the planning system and unlock investment as well as providing the public sector with the evidence they need to manage land supply.