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Informing Better Investment Decisions

GC Insight generates the evidence needed to unlock investment and secure planning consent for our clients.

Our team produces compelling investment proposals, impact assessments, planning evidence and business cases, all backed by rigorous modelling and analysis of costs, demands and potential impacts. We work creatively with clients to develop business plans, co-design interventions, support them to navigate approval processes and help establish agreements with delivery partners and investors.

We provide research and tools to help clients target their investments where they can have the greatest impact. We also use our case-making insights to provide appraisal advice to help funders assess proposals for compliance, value for money, deliverability and alignment with strategic objectives. 

GC Insight can help navigate the complexities of public investment approval processes and make the case for approval with compelling evidence. 


  • Bid writing
  • Business cases
  • Securing planning consent
  • Appraisal Advice
  • Deal-making
  • Business planning


If you would like to talk through your project, contact Dan Lindsay, Director, at