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Creating Priorities for Growth

GC Insight helps to develop strategic priorities and plans for growth and change. We work with clients and their partners to agree place-based and socio-economic priorities for their economy, people, places and sectors.

We facilitate partnerships to come to agreement on their priorities and develop strategic frameworks and actionable plans that will deliver change on the ground. We also ensure partnerships make a success of implementing their strategic priorities by developing governance arrangements to establish lines of accountability to stakeholders and investors and benefits realisation plans to measure their performance and impact.  

GC Insight helps clients set long term goals and develops programmes that deliver meaningful change


  • Visioning
  • Group facilitation & priority setting
  • Strategy development
  • Action planning
  • Proposition scoping & concept development
  • Monitoring Frameworks
  • Governance & oversight solutions


If you would like to talk through your project, contact Lauren Newby, Director, at